January Amazon Finds

Since I shop on Amazon so much, I thought it would be beneficial to a do blog post once a month talking about all my recent finds & purchases! This month includes a lot of finds that I had on my Christmas wish list that I got around to using this month, along with things I bought through the gift cards I received. We already all know Amazon is one of the best things ever, so let’s jump right into the finds for this month!

1. Gold HardwareThese gold pulls are under $15 and such great quality. I decided to change out the ones in our master bathroom and I’m so happy we did! I’m considering maybe using the same ones for our kitchen but I haven’t decided. They were super easy for Tim to install, and we’ve had them on since the beginning of the month. No problems whatsoever and they look gorgeous!

2. Stain Stick BottlesIf you head to my Instagram and head to my laundry highlight, you’ll see I made a DIY stain stick with my Young Living products–my tried & true! I had several things with stains on them and I figured with a newborn coming I needed to have something on hand to treat stains. These bottles were the perfect size and can be used for other things as well.

3. Boot InsertsEver since we moved into our house, I haven’t taken great care of my shoes. They’ve been lying around everywhere, especially when we were in the midst of getting our closet done. I want them to be in good condition and last as long as possible, so I decided to order these to get them to stand up straight and prevent creases. They were super simple to insert and do the job!

4. Snap-On StrainerGame. Changer. Whenever we used to make pasta for dinner, we would have to dirty a whole other dish by bringing out the strainer. This little gadget clips on to the pot your pasta is in, and you can pour it out without having to transfer your food back and forth. Props to whoever came up with this!

5. Keyboard VacuumFor my work from home peeps. Since I’ve been doing a lot more working in bed and typing on my laptop around the dogs, I’ve noticed little crumbs, dust and dog hair making its way onto my keyboard. I was just brushing it off, but before I knew it I needed a full on vacuum. I found this gadget that gets all the little things out of all the cracks and crevices! This sits in my desk and I use it when I notice my keyboard is looking dirty.

6. Mascara ToolHave you ever had the problem of putting on mascara and it clumping like crazy? I used to use two mascaras for this reason specifically. One to make them nice and full and the other to try and even them out. Now I use two for different reasons (sometimes), but this gadget helps keep your eyelashes separated. You get the look of full lashes without having to do all these crazy things to get them to not be stuck together, ha! It’s literally needles on a stick though, so be careful.

7. SunglassesMy obsession with sunglasses continues! I found this cute pair while browsing one day and I knew I needed to have them, ha. Need is a strong word, but I’m so glad I got these for Christmas! They’re adorable, fit perfectly and every time I have worn them out and about I get compliments or questions.

8. Sunglasses DisplaySince I have an obsession with sunglasses, I have quite a few pairs. I got this display to help keep them organized while allowing me to see them when getting ready. It helps me visualize since I’m a really visual person, and it also looks super pretty in my closet! Better than just having them in their cases tucked away.

9. Label Maker | With baby coming I’ve been doing quite a bit of organizing. I always just used my parents label maker, but obviously I don’t live at home anymore! I haven’t found the need to use one until recently. I got this one for Christmas and it works perfectly. I showed a demo on my stories, but it connects to my phone and not only that–but its pink. My favorite!

Did you have any good finds this month? PS–don’t forget to enter my January giveaway on Instagram. Hint: Amazon!

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