Third Trimester Recap

I have to say, third trimester is/was probably my favorite one of all. The first trimester (read that recap here) was literally spent sleeping, and the second trimester (read that recap here) was spent next to the toilet for weeks on end, barely being able to eat and ending up in the ER. This trimester has been nothing short of sweet! Yes, its come with its challenges, but for me they have been easier to deal with than others.

It started on Halloween and that was when I was at my high! I had just finished having my first baby shower the week before to celebrate with my mom and her friends, and had just gotten home from our Babymoon in Arizona. The weekend after was my second and final Baby Shower that was with my friends & Tim’s family. Once I received all of our gifts–crib sheets, changing pad, clothes, diapers, the list goes on…it really starts to feel real. What went from an empty bedroom, to a storage room, to a full blown nursery was surreal to watch. The month of November was spent really putting together the nursery, and trying to organize through all the gifts. We got lots of family time in too with Thanksgiving, and Tim got time off which was so nice. Ever since he started working from home when the pandemic started, it truly has been a blessing. It was an adjustment for the first few weeks, but since we’ve moved it has been so helpful to have him around throughout the pregnancy.

The month of November flew by, and on came December! Another busy month filled with lots of plans that included family time. I worked a ton on my blog as well, creating a ton of content for gift guides and the holidays. Knowing it was our last Christmas without a child made every single event that we had that much more sweet. It wasn’t the same as it usually is due to the pandemic, but nonetheless we made the best of it. I ate a ton and baby boy continued to grow and receive more gifts!

Now here we are in January, the final month of third trimester. Even though he isn’t here yet, I figured it was time I get this post done sooner than later. Because really he can come at any minute! I think though what made this trimester the best for me was the fact that I had energy, I wasn’t sick, and I got lots of family time in. Oh, and I also ate a ton of yummy food, went on vacation and got showered with gifts and love. Ya, that all definitely has something to do with it ha! And of course, the true gift is getting to carry this little man all the way to being full developed. More doctor appointments have come and gone, and I don’t take it lightly that every one has had good news for us. I know there are women and families everywhere that would kill to be pregnant, have children of their own that are healthy and be able to carry a child. I try to remind myself when I’m feeling “done” of this, and I snap out of this mood pretty quickly.

I stopped work literally the day before Christmas Eve, so that has also played a major role in my moods. Even though I love my job as a nanny and I love my kiddos and their families, it was getting harder and harder to commute and I dreaded waking up early. I now have 5 days of the work week to myself and I’m really soaking those up before they’re over! I’ve had some heavy days of blogging–trying to get ahead on content, plan, write blog posts in advance and things like that, but Tim and lots of other people close to me have reminded me to just stop. These final days are precious, and life as I know it is soon to be over. It will change all for the better–without a doubt. But it will never be the same again.

As cheesy as it sounds, I wanted to say thank you for letting me share this pregnancy with you all! I know not everyone is in this stage of life or is interested, but it’s been so much fun to share this part of my life that I have waited forever for. I linked some things I used during third trimester that got added in, but hang tight because I’m doing a whole blog post on my pregnancy must-haves.


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