January Book Review

My first book review of the year! I really loved this book, as I did her others so it didn’t surprise me that I finished it so quickly. In fact, I finished it so fast I’ve already started February’s book! To see the line up of this year’s book club, click here.

Book: Didn’t See That Coming by Rachel Hollis

I guess you can say I cheated a little when it came to this pick because I had already started reading it when I made my book club blog post. So, it easily became January’s read and helped me brainstorm more books throughout the year. This book was about one of those things that life gives you–curveballs. Which a lot of the time, none of us see coming. Whether it be a sudden death, divorce, a job loss, or a cancer diagnosis. For me, it was my dad’s cancer diagnosis. The way it went down was like a story out of a movie. It was NYE 2017 and we were getting ready to go to the rose parade the next day as a family. It was a Sunday afternoon and my dad had come home from tennis–and something was just…off. A few hours later and a trip to the ER, we got the news that he had a mass in his brain the size of a tangerine, and it was cancer.

When I first started reading this book I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to relate to it at all. The author, Rachel, mainly speaks of the lost of her brother to suicide and I believe she speaks on her divorce if I’m not mistaken. After diving in a few chapters though, I realized I couldn’t put it down. You see, when you get thrown a curveball–whatever that curveball may be–you desperately want someone who can relate to you. Why? Because it makes the whole thing seem a little less lonely. So, in this case, when I picked up that book and realized I wasn’t alone, I couldn’t put it down.

Yes, the story of my dad’s cancer diagnosis leading up to his passing is heartbreaking. It’s tragic. But you know what? Me and my family? We’re just one in a million. One in a million of a sea of other families who have walked the same steps as we have. Of course every story is unique, but nonetheless we all have one thing in common. And that is losing someone to a terrible, awful thing called cancer. I thought the way Rachel pieced together her story and talking about life’s hardship was beautiful. It was something everyone could relate to and insert their story into. She definitely has a talent for making someone, anyone, pick up her book and feel like a friend. What a gift that is!

Regardless of what your curveball is, this book gives you the pep talk, motivation, and closeness we’re all craving in one way or another. It brings you into something bigger–and that to me is the presence of the others surrounding us.

If you read this month’s book, let me know what you think! Beyond excited to jump into a love story for the month of February. Which btw–is SO good!

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