Newborn Essentials

With that being said, I thought I would round up our most used items so far and things we couldn’t live without! I linked everything below along with a descriptions. Everything that’s linked is stuff we grab for daily and items that were gifted to us at our baby shower.

4Moms Bath Tub | This bath tub fits perfectly in our sink and it makes it so easy to bathe him! We’re currently bathing him in the kitchen sink and plan on moving to his bathroom when he’s a bit older/bigger. I’m personally worried about temperature because I take super hot showers so I can’t tell what’s baby safe. This has a built-in thermometer and lets you know what the best temperature is! I’m unable to link it but you can find it on the 4Moms website.

Bumco Brush | Funny story–I originally saw this on my friends registry so I added it to mine. We have been using it with Enzo when needed, and I love it! I asked my friend how she was liking hers and she said she hasn’t even touched it, ha! I just hate when it gets stuck under my nails so this is a life saver for me. We have 3 now!

DockaTot | Enzo loves his dockatot! We place him in this throughout the days and during the nighttime and he sleeps so peacefully. As of now it is on the kitchen table and he’s snoozing while I write this ha.

Moses Bassinet | One of the first things we used when we got home! All swaddled up and cozy to go to sleep in here. I shared this before he was born, but I like that it has storage underneath as well and you can remove the bassinet to move around.

Keekaroo Changing Pad | Whatever you do, don’t get a changing pad that requires you to change the pad and wash it. Tiny people already make a ton of laundry, you don’t need to add to it! We just wipe this down with wipes daily and its so easy. We have a lot spit up and pee mishaps so its constantly getting wet!

Hatch | Sound machine and night light all in one. The biggest thing for me is that I can do everything on my phone–change the light color, change the noise level, everything. We’ll be using this until he’s much older I’m sure of it!

Hush Sound Machine | Our bff! We brought this to the hospital and now bring it everywhere else too. We either hook it on the carseat if we are in the car or we set it next to wherever he is sleeping. The only bummer (in my opinion) is that you have to remember to charge it.

Muslin Burp Cloths | Simple, but I love how absorbent these are. We go through a lot daily so we ended up getting more of these. Pretty sure we have almost 20 now–you can never have too many!

Cozy Blankets | One of Enzo’s favorite things to do is snuggle up! We realized he sleeps so much better when he is cozied up. I linked one of his favorites but as long as you have a soft cozy baby blanket, you’re set.

Owlet Sock | This sock keeps track of baby’s sleep habits, heart rate, oxygen levels and more. I’ve heard mixed opinions on this, but so far so good with us! It gives me peace of mind when we sleep at night. It is expensive though, so add it to your baby registry and hopefully a friend/family member can purchase for you!

Everything else I linked in the carousel below!


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