Lorenzo Glen | 3 Month Update

By popular demand, I’m sharing Enzo’s 3 month schedule & updates today on the blog. So many of you are mamas who are also in the same boat as me, or you’re expecting your first baby soon. It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in this season of motherhood, and motherhood in general! I plan on doing these every couple months since you guys seem interested in these type of blog posts. I hope this helps you mamas out there and gives you a more detailed look at what life is like with our little guy.

updates & milestones:

  • spit bubbles are now a thing & he drools all day long!
  • we have a big mama’s boy on our hands. mama (and only mama) fixes everything!
  • he has major FOMO. on days where we have things planned or we are out & about, he barely takes naps and has super long wake windows.
  • the word “indistinguishable” is hilarious, especially when daddy says it. so random!
  • his dream day would be to be able to breastfeed whenever he wants, and sleep on and off all day. he gets mad if I ever cut him off!
  • no longer taking a pacifier, which makes this mama sad. it actually just pisses him off now if you try and give it to him!
  • he loves to go outside on a walk & get fresh air. an instant mood booster for him!

enzo’s schedule:

7:00 AM – Feed

7:30 AM – Play

8:30 AM – Nap

10:00 AM – Feed

10:30 AM – Play

11:30 AM – Nap

1:00 PM – Feed

1:30 PM – Play

2:30 PM – Nap

4:00 PM – Feed

4:30 PM – Play

5:30 PM – Nap

6:30 PM – Bath, Pajamas, Books

7:00 PM – Feed

7:30 PM – Lights out.

Please note that this schedule is very hit and miss. If i’m being honest, his sleep has gone to crap since we’ve dropped the swaddle. We’re back to getting up every 2-3 hours at night and naps are really only 45 minutes nowadays. However, even on bad days, I do my best to stick with a schedule. I’m very much a Type A personality, so for my sanity, I need to have something to follow throughout the days or else it just feels very scattered and not structured–which drives me nuts. My goal is for him to take naps in the crib (all of them), however there are days where he still sleeps on me because I’m desperate to get stuff done. I can answer emails, and do some other work things from my phone. So if we do that, I take advantage of the quietness and work! But there are also days where I just enjoy the snuggles and take a nap, too.

During his wake periods (where I put “play” in the schedule), that time usually consists of me burping him, giving tours around the house, going on a walk or getting the mail, playing with his lovevery kits or just chatting with him. I’ve been getting more adventurous lately and starting to run errands, so sometimes it consists of us being out and about and in the car. When we have long days like going out to OC, or just being out of the house all day, we usually just go with the flow during those times. I am usually occupied with seeing friends and family, so as long as I have a happy baby, I just go with it! We don’t follow the times but still follow the eat, play, sleep, repeat if that makes sense.

sleep | nights & nap time

Like I mentioned above, naps are a big struggle right now. There are days where I get 2 hour naps without him making a peep, and then today for example where he just now fell asleep and he only has 10 minutes left of his nap, lol. I’m not bothering to do anything about this right now because we have some big things coming up in the next month for him, but after that and probably his 4 month sleep regression, we plan on really hunkering down on a nap routine.

Same goes for nights. There was a night earlier this week where he only woke up once, and then last night where he was up every hour between 12 and 4. Yikes! He is still sleeping in our room currently, but we plan on moving him into his crib at 5 months and also getting strict with night sleep around then to as well. For now, coffee to the rescue.


Breastfeeding is still going strong for us!  We have something coming up here in the next week that might jeopardize it, but for now, I’m enjoying my time with it. Before he was born I definitely had a goal month in mind, but now that I’m living it in real time, I consider every month we get to do this a huge blessing. However long we make it is an accomplishment itself!

It definitely now has turned more into comfort though, as well as food. Grumpy? Milk. Tired? Milk. Bored? Milk. Hungry? Milk. Want milk? Milk. It is kind of turning into a bad habit, if I’m being really honest with myself. However, with the lack of sleep, its kind of my saving grace at the moment.

There you have it friends. Our 3 month update! I hope this post helps you a little, gives a little insight to what thinks are like, and also reminds you that whatever season of motherhood you are in–you are not alone. We got this mamas!

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