July Amazon Finds

Teething Tube | One of my mom friends recommended this to me and Lorenzo loves it! It is made for it to get all the way back to their molars once those come in. He is in a stage where everything is going in his mouth right now, so this is a big hit!

Teething Fingers | Another teething hit! Put this on your finger and let your little one have at it. This comes with mini bristles which help massage for teething! And of course, I love the aesthetically pleasing colors haha.

Table Mats | Now that our big guy is old enough to sit/fit in a highchair, I put this down on the place in front of him. I will use it once he eats finger foods but for now he likes looking at the colors and usually wiping his spit up everywhere. Ha!

Toy Straps | If you have little ones sitting in high chairs, this is a MUST! We would constantly hand him things and he would throw them on the ground, but now everything is safe. I can’t go anywhere without these now!

Ovulation & Pregnancy Strips | Before we conceived Lorenzo, we were using the FAM method. These ovulation strips were what helped me keep track of my ovulation. Bought these again because mine expired!

Sticky Bats | These make for the cutest decorations come Halloween, and are super easy to use/reuse. I wanted to buy them before everyone was and the prices went up!

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