July Book Review

was more than happy to see this book next on the list after finishing June’s autobiography. Like I said, I’m glad I pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone reading a different genre then I’m used to but…I’m glad it’s over!

Negativity is probably one of my least favorite traits about someone. With that being said, I was a little annoyed in the beginning of the attitude of Olive. After awhile, I got used to it, but I feel like that made the book drag a little more for me. The first half of the book in my opinion was ok, and again—had she not been negative, it may have been a little better? I’m not really sure. But boy, did the second half just completely pull me in!

Of course my heart did break a little when Olive’s sister (I already forgot her name, lol!) didn’t get her happy ending. However, the revenge she pulled on her new husband was just what I needed it! That part was SO satisfying to me. Once she got that plan done, I was even more excited when they got engaged on the beach in Hawaii. Of course there had to be a little tease that it didn’t happen, and my heart dropped for a second haha! Now if only this could one could be made into a movie—I’d totally be here for it! 

Trust me when I tell you if you hang in for the beginning, you will get the happy ending you didn’t know you needed!

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