June Amazon Finds

Glass Straws | I got these on a Prime Day! Definitely wasn’t a “need”, but I’m glad I got them. They make it so much more fun to drink smoothies or iced coffee. It’s also better for the environment, so that’s a plus! If you want cute straws, get these!

Kindle Paperwhite | I am so happy I decided to purchase this. I use it at least everyday, if not multiple times a day! I am reading much quicker with this now and I also love that it doesn’t strain my eyes. Going through books is so much more fun with one of these!

Kindle Case | Since I got a kindle on Prime Day, I figured I better get a case. This color is cute and its super thin, which is what I wanted.

Drool BibsLorenzo drools a lot, and also spits up a ton! With that comes a lot of build up in those chunky neck rolls. These have extra padding that soak up the drool and spit up so it doesn’t get stuck! His neck was starting to get irritated and red and these have made a big difference.

Baby Snapbacks | Palm Springs and Hawaii trips are both coming up! I ordered two of these–one in all black and one in black & white. They are adorable and also work!

Kitchen Faucet | Who said you had to have a $500 faucet to get quality? This one is under $100, looks amazing and also works. Tim installed it himself and it took all of 30 minutes! Much harder to get the old one out if anything. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a new one!


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