Packing for Hawaii

Since we leave on vacay tomorrow, I wanted to make sure you all had the packing details before we left! It’s safe to say I’m a little nervous since 1. it’s been awhile since I’ve gone on a plane and 2. it will be Lorenzo’s first flight! I’m keeping my mind busy though by packing and getting everything organized, ready and prepped. Keep scrolling if you want the packing details and more!


If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know I’m a good old pen & paper kinda gal. I love using Erin Condren goodies to make my lists–specifically their coiled notebooks!If I’m not using them, I’m most likely just using a cute one from Target, Home Goods or Hobby Lobby. Those are my go-to for store bought notepads, notebooks and desk accessories!

My mom made a really good travel packing list growing up, and she made me a copy to keep! I used that with a combination of my own packing list that I wrote down, and I also used my snap in checklist from EC. Below are the graphics I made to shop as much as you can from what we packed–my clothes, misc. necessities, baby goodies, and more. I’m sharing specifics on my stories today so make sure to watch those!


I packed the usual of what we need for Lorenzo–pajamas, clothes, all that good stuff. In order to pack lighter though, we will be making a pit stop at Target before we go to our hotel! We plan on picking up groceries for the week (snacks, water bottles), along with food for Enzo and diapers. One of the tricks I learned from my nanny family when traveling on vacations with them was to pack the diapers you need for travel day, and then buy the rest when you land. This of course makes room in your suitcase so you can avoid having to bring one suitcase solely for diapers.

The next tip I have is for my UppaBaby lovers! If you have an UppaBaby stroller and plan on traveling, then this one is for you. Do yourself a favor and pickup the travel bag. Once you pick up the travel bag, register it on their website. This protects your stroller in case anything happens to it–totally worth it in my opinion!

Alright, back to packing. Packing cubes! I decided to hop on this train (and I feel like I’m a little late!) so we will see how they work out. I’ll give you my thoughts once we are home and really get to use them, but for now, it’s nice seeing a suitcase that is organized and looks pretty too.

As far as travel must-haves go with a baby, I linked everything below! I feel like this trip will reveal new things I didn’t know I needed, but for now, everything we are bringing are things I’ve mentioned before.

Last but not least, our own crib sheets. I mentioned this on stories, but we decided not to bring our travel crib. The only reason we aren’t is because it doesn’t fit anywhere–lol! We seriously love that thing so we are a bit sad and hoping for the best with the hotel one. But that being said, I felt better bringing our own sheets for him, so those are being packed too.


Packing cubes for mama, too, because I couldn’t miss out on this trend. Pink ones for me of course! Full review coming when we get back–I promise!

I even feel a little iffy telling you my travel essentials, because well…I’ve never flown with my own child before. Pre-baby my essentials were makeup and magazines lol. I have a feeling neither are going to be used during the flight, ha! However, I did link things I’m bringing that I thought I would use and I’ll update you on stories if you’re curious.

As far as clothes go, I didn’t waste my time buying cute summer trendy clothes for this trip. I am 100% in Fall mode–so why bother? The main reason of this trip is to spend family, quality time and make memories anyways. This isn’t a NYFW or photo trip, but don’t worry–I’ll still take plenty of photos anyways! With that though, lots of things I’m bringing are sold out/not linkable. I linked as much as I could thought and will share brands for those curious.

Click HERE to shop my LTK & see the graphics


Alright, I think that’s it! Like I mentioned above, I’m sharing all these graphics on stories along with a few items I wanted to highlight and go into detail on. If you miss them though, don’t worry! It’s all going to be saved to my highlight titled “Hawaii”. Aloha!

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