Our Friendsgiving | 2021

First things first, invites! To save (some) money we used Paperless Post to send invites via email to all of our friends. They use a “coins” system and it allows you to buy designed invites, personalize them and send them out. And, saves you money (and time!) to not have to stamp & address them. It’s a win for everyone!

After we sent the invites it was time to assign FOOD to PEOPLE. Yup, that’s right! A POTLUCK FRIENDSGIVING! This does a couple of things. For one, it takes a lot of pressure off the host. I don’t know about you, but making a full thanksgiving meal for a large friend group sounds like a lot of work! Not only does it take pressure off the host (me in this case, ha), it also gets everyone involved! It allows people to have fun with the dish they’re bringing, whatever it may be; appetizer, side, drinks, desserts. They can add personal touches or share great recipes that they may have! And you know what getting people involved does? It creates commitment! Nowadays, I feel like people are wishy-washy when it comes to RSVP’ing—with signing up to bring something, you’ll get to know the headcount of your party sooner. 

Now for the fun stuff: DECOR! With food getting taken off the list, it allows for more time and energy to be spent putting into the room/space. Making it welcoming, inviting, warm, cozy, cute—all the things! I set up 3 stations; a drink bar, a food table, and then our sitting table. 


Canisters/Holders—Crate & Barrel

Faux Eucalyptus—Target Magnolia Line

Pumpkins—Hobby Lobby

Shot Glasses—Dollar Store

Mason Jars—collected over time


Chairs—collected from all over

Table Cloths—Hobby Lobby

Candle Holders & Candles—Target

Pinecone & Pumpkin Filler—Hobby Lobby

Florals—Trader Joe’s

There you have it friends…our Friendsgiving! I think for the most part I covered everything. Only thing I forgot to add is that we didn’t do NOTHING when it came to food. As the hosts, we did provide the main entree which was Turkey from Honey Baked Ham. We also grabbed ice for the ice chests, along with lemonade and iced tea for other drink options which we got from Chick-Fil-A. Oh, and plates/napkins/utensils! If you have any questions or I missed anything, don’t be afraid to ask. Other than that, ‘it’s the season friends!

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