Here We Go Again | Baby #2

SURPRISE! We’re pregnant. Another sweet little boy is on its way to join the Schlueter fam! I have been DYING to share this with you all since the moment I found out. In the very beginning I could barely contain my excitement, and then I decided I didn’t want to post until we knew the gender. So then my brain knew it would be a bit…and then that time came and I have been bursting at the seams since, ha!

The best Christmas present of all came a few days late. The Tuesday after Christmas morning, I got a positive pregnancy test and I could hardly believe it. I instantly started crying tears of joy! With Lorenzo, we got pregnant on the very first try. This time around, it didn’t work out that way. After months of wondering when the time would be right and realizing that it was out of our hands, we got the best news. I took at least 4 tests that day, and then more as the week passed on. I found out as soon as I could, and as early as I did with Enzo which was 10 days post ovulation. The line on our tests were so so faint, but it was there.

Now fast forward and here we are! After praying and waiting, being anxious, and getting covid in the first trimester…we made it! We are adding another BOY to our fam and I get to be a boy mama for a little bit longer. I really could not have imagined it any better myself, and still ask myself everyday if this is real! We are so overjoyed and can hardly wait. Looking forward to sharing it all with all of you!

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