Great Jones Cookware

You know you’re an adult when getting new cookware sparks joy! I shared today on my Instagram stories that I got the 5 Piece Family Style. I thought I would dive a little deeper in today’s blog post on what exactly you get and more on Great Jones Goods!

If you’re eager to purchase now, I encourage you to try out this new commerce tool built by Fermat Commerce that allows you to buy products directly from the brand while staying on my blog. See below!

The Dutchess: The Queen! Holidays, chicken roast, she’s my big girl that I use on special occasions when cooking for a crowd or cooking a big item.

Big Deal: Have you seen my chicken noodle recipe that I use? It is the BEST! Hence why Big Deal gets used. 😉 Soups, stews and more.

Saucy: Ravioli, mac-n-cheese lovers. This is your gal! When I need something bigger than my small fry but not as big as the duchess, this is what I grab.

Deep Cut: Anyone else love the Trader Joe’s frozen section? I grab there wontons a lot, so when I cook & steam them I tend to go for the deep cut. It’s bigger than the small fry and allows me to add more liquid.

Small Fry: This is the guy I grab every morning. Pancakes, scrambled eggs—my go-to!


And there you have it—the whole gang! To purchase, scroll up and find the commerce tool I was telling you about. I am so excited about this new purchase that I just had to share the details! Depending on your family size, and cooking style, the family set has everything you’ll need for the best bang for your buck deal. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you to Great Jones Goods for sponsoring this post.

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