A New Chapter

Hello, and welcome back! It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve utilized my blog or written anything, but boy have I missed it. I have been doing this “blogging” gig since 2017, and wow, has so much changed since then. When I started, blogs were a little more utilized, iPhone photos were a no-no, you had to have a photographer, and you better be posting on Instagram everyday. Not to mention, you better look picture perfect all the time! Once upon a time, keeping up with that is what I wanted. It was fun! Social media motivated me, it made me feel empowered. During that time, I was single (and just started dating Tim shortly after), and my life was being a full-time nanny while pouring any extra time I had into this brand I was creating. I would meet up with my girlfriend, Sydney, weekly and we would have hour long photoshoots. I brought 3-5 outfits, and we drove all over SoCal creating content, trying to get the most gorgeous photos. Because hello, during that time, that was how it was done! Just because I’m in my feels now, here is a few photos for a walk down memory lane if you will…

We had so much fun. Looking back at this time frame of my life makes me smile. We took some awesome photos that I am so proud of (and still am!), and not only that, but it was my introduction into the world of “blogging”. I made some awesome connections, had once in a lifetime opportunities, and learned a lot about myself–from how much potential I had all the way to what my insecurities were. Yup…social media will teach you that!

Fast forward to now, and A LOT has changed. For one, blogs aren’t as popular as they used to be. If you take professional photos every week–cringe. That’s not real life! iPhone photos are the way to go. No more pictures perfect anything. Everyone wants to see every minute of everyday, “day in the life” photos and behind the scenes. Oh, and now photos are a rare sighting while you scroll. We entered a whole new world of videos, AKA, reels or TikToks. The more details, the more you show, the more raw it is, the better! What hasn’t changed though is the amount of posting, or what I like to call, the hamster wheel. You want to be relevant? Make money from social media? Keep your stats up? Welp, get that tripod set up and start filming. And make sure you are posting to socials every single day, maybe even multiple times a day. And don’t forget to be yourself!

…I’m tired just from typing that, ha! As for me and my corner of the internet, we’ve changed also. I don’t get ready everyday anymore, I film (a lot actually) but I don’t have time to edit. Or if I do have time, I’m too tired. Or I’d rather just sit and relax–read my book or watch a show I like then feeling the need to be productive 24/7. I’m no longer single, and it’s no longer just me. I’m a wife, mama, homeowner, home maker, house manager, chef–all the things. It’s the life I always dreamed of living, and now I’m here. In the thick of it, too!

So, this probably leaves you wondering…what is the point of this post? Haha. I’m getting there, promise! ūüėČ

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know life has been¬†busy¬†lately. If we’re being honest, “busy” is an understatement. It has been chaotic, non-stop, and straight up crazy. With that being said, this side hustle/hobby of mine has to had to take a backseat. I’ve been less active on stories, not posting a lot, just keeping it in my back pocket…which has forced me (and given me the space) to think/brainstorm about what I want to do with this portion of my life–my blog and my socials. Over the past almost 3 years, the topic of quitting has come up multiple times since becoming a mama. Going private on my accounts, deleting this website, saying goodbye to it all. However, I never quite make it there. I never¬†actually¬†quit. You see, if you’re a mama, then you know just how important it is to have something for yourself. At the very least, just one thing. A hobby, something you enjoy, something you do that is for¬†you. Whether that be doing something crafty, having a small business, making time to read everyday, doodle, knit, baking, gardening, or in my case–sharing & creating.

Whenever I hit this breaking point, it usually means I’m burnt out. Normally, I just take a hiatus and come back feeling refreshed. Sometimes I’ll change a thing or two of how I do things, but that’s about it. Well this time, I’m¬†really¬†changing things up!

I mentioned earlier in this post the hamster wheel that social media is. For those that aren’t super familiar with how it all works, let me share a little more about what I mean, from a content creators perspective. In today’s world of reels and tiktok’s, and being a content creator (someone who is trying to make money through social media)–consistency is key. The more you post, the better. Ideally, you are sharing one to two new posts a day and cross posting. Cross posting is when you share something, let’s say you posted on TikTok, and then post it to Instagram. The goal (or idea) is that you have two audiences and both are allowing you to grow on different platforms. Let’s backtrack for a second–being consistent. For me? That’s rough. I have two kiddos, two and under, and I’m about to throw a third one in the mix and have 3 three and under. My life is anything¬†but¬†consistent, and has been for the past few years. From 2017 until now, 2023, I have undergone a major life change of some sort. An engagement, a cancer diagnosis, the death of a parent, becoming a wife, moving out for the first time, becoming a dog owner, a homeowner, and then a mom, a mom again, another move, and now another baby. I probably missed something in between all of that too, believe it or not! So it’s safe to say, I don’t like to sit still, ha. But in all seriousness–with all of those life changes and everything that comes with them, the consistency has been hard to keep up with. Which, naturally (in terms of the social media world), keeps me behind. That’s the consistency part, and then let’s move onto the part where I’m supposed to be filming, sharing and editing 24/7. Ya, about that…I’m TIRED, y’all! Between moving, making this house a home, having two littles and being pregnant, I am e x h a u s t e d. When my head hits the pillow at night, I’m ready to pass out. Or if not, I’m ready to do something relaxing–which is usually spending time with Tim, watching one of my shows/movies, or reading a book. The thought of working (because really, that’s what it is) at 9 o’clock at night sounds awful. And in the off times that I feel rested and want to do something productive, (which has been few and far between lately) I’ll throw something together. But lately, it just hasn’t fit in. The old me would beat myself up over it. I’d make a stink and plan–plan to be better, be on top of it and get my act together. Because the obvious answer was that I just need to step it up and do it all!

Welp, I’m proud to say the old me has died. I killed her. LOL. Ok, not to be morbid, but seriously…she’s gone! In the time that I’ve gotten to re-think social media, brainstorm how I want to move forward, I’ve cut ties. I’ve realized over the past few months what a tight leash the social media world has had on me. Not only me, but my family. “Wait, I need to film this!” “Did you bring my tripod?” “Can you take a video of me walking?” along with time being spent on my phone. Or should I say glued to my phone. Looking at *almost* everything in the lens of “content”. Friends–it is exhausting, tiring, and I’m done trying to keep up with it. We’re saying goodbye to trying to keep up, we’re saying goodbye to trying and film everyday. We’re saying goodbye to spending time on social media, aimlessly scrolling. Adios to making sure I engage (AKA like and comment) on other peoples content so I get engagement on mine. The list goes on and on. But you know what we’re saying hello to?…

Hello, normal social media. Where we post pictures because we want to. Not because they are Instagram worthy. At anytime of day we want, because that’s what works for us. Hello to engaging with peoples post because we genuinely want to, not because we have to. To not having a schedule of posting, and not bringing a tripod everywhere we go. Hello to a world of sharing for the sake of sharing–to connect with people, and to find joy in this hobby that I love so much. Not for the likes, not for the money.

Ah, it’s the start of a new chapter, and boy does it feel good. I invite you to join me, and I really hope you stick around! So, what does this new chapter look like? It will look a whole lot like¬†blogging!¬†Yup, that’s right. We’re gonna brush her up, get her nice and pretty, and make this site a resourceful tool for you all. Not only is social media a hamster wheel, but it isn’t permanent. Instagram, TikTok, they could die tomorrow…and then what? This blog, my site, I OWN it! So it only makes sense to utilize it and get my moneys worth. Now, this doesn’t mean my social media pages will be gone or that I’m no longer posting. I will be! It just will be on my schedule, which I can promise you will be beautifully¬†inconsistent. Another reason I’m going to be utilizing my blog more, is because writing for me is therapeutic. Not only that, but it’s generally easier for me to do in the stage of life that I’m currently in, believe it or not! I’ve been writing on this site since 2017, so it also holds tons of posts about various different topics that are near and dear to my heart.

Now that I’ve talked your ear off for what seems like hours, ha! It’s time to say goodbye (for now). I have SO much to share with you guys over the course of the next couple months, and I’m happy to finally feel like I have a path that’s going to work for me. To connect with you, share with you, and also benefit me in some ways as well. I hope to see you back here real soon!



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