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Today, we’re chatting all things HOUSE! More so, what’s on our wishlist for the house. ICYMI, Tim and I sold our first home in Murrieta this summer and bought a fixer upper in the city we were both born & raised in–Orange. We’ve been here for almost 2 months now, and we’ve made quite a dent in the things that need to be fixed/updated, but we still have a ways to go. I wanted to write this post to share our plans for the house, basically a master list of everything we would love to renovate. As we continue to update, fix, and grow into it, I’ll keep you updated on all the progress we’re making. Keep in mind–some of this may already be done, some of it may get done, and some of these are big hopes and dreams that may never happen. We have no idea how long we will actually end up living here, but in the meantime, it’ll be fun to keep track of the progress and dream. Because dreaming is one of my favorite things to do! Here’s a little collage I put together of the aesthetic/vibe I’m going for this time around.

All photos above were downloaded via Pinterest from one of my home boards. The home above is inspiration from blogger + designer Katie Staples of Halfway Wholeistic. Find her blog with resources here.

Alright, now for the master list…


Paint // The house was an ugly (sorry old homeowners) blue and it didn’t fit with the look I was going for. We have painted and updated the house to be white with black trim. It’s so beautiful!

Shutters // I would love to add black shutters to some of the windows around the outside of the house just for an extra pop. I think it would look stunning and add more character!

Landscape // The house was vacant for around 2 years it seems like before we moved in. The backyard and front yard were beyond overgrown. All of the dead plants are gone, but it is now just dirt. We desperately need grass and some plants to spruce it up! However, the quotes we’re getting are pretty up there. But this is high on the priority list!

Mailbox // Our mailbox has no key, so anyone can get into it. Not to mention it’s barely standing. Time to go!

Roofing with Solar Panels // We had a new roof at our last house with solar panels, and boy do we miss it. Our electric bill with solar panels used to be $10 a month, max. Next summer is going to be rough! This is also high on the priority list.

Garage Remodel // Our last garage was also super nice. We had built-ins, epoxied floors and more. Currently ours is just your standard garage, but I would love to make it super nice some day!

Tankless Water Heater // I’ve already gotten into a cold shower twice from letting the water run too long. Oops! We had a tankless water heater at our last place and I didn’t realize what a difference it would be switching.

Vinyl Fencing // Within the first few weeks of being here, the dogs broke out of our backyard fence that we share with the neighbors. *Sigh* So this will have to be replaced sooner than later! And to make sure both fences match, we’ll be doing our front fence as well.

Aluminum Patio Cover // We had a ton of termite damage to repair when we got our inspection report back, and a majority of it was on our patio cover. It extends from the house and is wood, and I would love to replace it with an aluminum one that has power running through it so we can get fans going in the summer, and maybe even heaters in the winter?

ADU // This probably won’t happen unless we decide that this is our forever home. Which we are totally up in the air on at the moment, considering we just moved in. But behind our garage, we have enough space to add on an additional dwelling unit. A bathroom, maybe a kitchenette, with a great room type feel. To rent out or just for personal use. I love to dream!



Floors // So. Many. Floors, We have three different flooring types throughout the house, and none of them match! It drives me crazy. I can’t wait to say goodbye to these!

Doors // None of the doors in our house close or latch properly because they are so old. Including the bathroom doors! It’s been fun having guests over with toddlers around…and doors that don’t close. Lol!

Paint // The paint is also mismatched throughout. Going to do some the same color throughout the entire house!

Master Bath Remodel // A new vanity, and new shower tile will have it be as good as new! Really wish there was room for a bathtub, but standing shower only. Boo! We also need to add a fan so it can vent properly.

Guest Bath Remodel // This is also the kiddos bathroom. This needs a full gut and will be a big project someday!

Kitchen Remodel // No dishwasher, missing cabinet doors, wasted wall space, a random door–the list goes on. I’ll be doing a kitchen reveal soon!

Roller Shades & Drapery // Our blinds are quite literally falling apart and snapping and it has proven to be a safety hazard with the boys. We’ll be replacing them with roller shades and drapery!

Playroom Cabinet Built-Ins // We have two living spaces, one that I’m making a formal sitting room and the other is our playroom/main living area. We have a fireplace centered on the wall, so we’ll be adding built-ins on either side for shelf and cabinet space to hide toys, keep TV things, blankets, etc.. I can’t wait to decorate!

Closet Built-Ins // Coming from our last house to this house, we definitely downgraded on closet space. However, we can still make it work! The space just needs to be utilized better. We’ll be doing built-ins to make that happen!

Office Built-Ins // The owner prior to us added on a lot to the house. A laundry area, a big hallway area, another living room, a master bedroom, closet and bathroom. The hallway area is currently Tim’s work space! I’d love to get some built-ins here as well. Desk space, cabinets, drawers, shelves. Work space and then another area to do homework one day as well!

Just typing it all out while envisioning what the final product will look like makes me giddy! Slowly but surely, things will come together with time. We’ve already made a lot of progress on it so far, and it keeps getting better and better. I’m looking forward to sharing everything we’ve done with you so far in detail! Stay tuned.



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