My Amazon Order: Sept. & Oct. ’23

Back in the day, before kids, or maybe when Enzo was first born? I loved sharing what I bought on Amazon every month. Sometimes it was baby necessities, random finds, or things for the house. Now that we’ve moved, I’ve been getting A LOT on Amazon lately and I’ve gotten some really good finds. I know you all love Amazon as much as I do, so I’ve decided to jump back on the train of sharing my Amazon purchases. Since I started preemptively buying stuff for our new house around September, I’m back tracking a few months, and then will get caught up in the new year. Starting with September and October! I have a lot to share, so I’m getting right to it. 


I ordered these 3 back in September to start taking during my pregnancy. I make a simple smoothie with milk, chocolate protein powder, banana, ice, chia seeds, and then I add the fiber, probiotic, and beef liver supplements. I haven’t made one in a hot minute, but it’s delicious and gives such a good boost of everything you need! I order my protein powder from Just Ingredients.

Kiddo Things

Since Enzo is obsessed with all things cars, I decided to order him a pair of crocs with car charms. And just as I guessed, he loves them! He’s also had these shark shoes since the spring, and I needed to order him another pair in the next size up as well as another pair for Rhett. So cheesy, but I can’t say no when they make him so happy! Both shoes are TTS IMO.

My favorite utensils and plates for my boys are anything from Mushie. They wash super easy, are dishwasher safe, suction, and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a win win!

My little munchkins are quite mischievous, and have learned how to open pretty much every door. These burglar bars they can’t figure out though, and they work perfect for sliding doors.

Did you have a bed rail growing up? I did, and I am so glad they came up with something better than those ugly things. This bed bumper fits under the sheets so you don’t have this big ugly rail that doesn’t match. You can make the bed over it, and it does the trick! we’ve had it over 2 months now and I love it.

House Things

And last but not least, the biggest section of the post! All things house. You’ll find our curtains, curtain rods, light fixtures, cute towels, kitchen organization—A LOT of good stuff. 

Recently, dryer balls just haven’t been working for me. I ordered these dryer sheets per a recommendation of a friend and I love them. Clean ingredients and made with essential oils! This artwork I ordered for above our bed and also our sitting room. It looks so fancy which I love, but it doesn’t have the fancy price tag. Which Tim loves! 😉 I upgraded our shower curtain rod to this beautiful warm gold one. Another great Amazon find that looks fancy but is affordable! Also, can’t forget about the cute TP holder too. The rug in our front room I am absolutely in love with and I can’t believe I got that from Amazon too. Not a bad price tag for how stunning of a piece it is! These dish towels I actually got to use for bathroom towels, and I loved them so much I got a second set for Christmas to actually use for the kitchen. Ever since we got our curtains hung, everyone is asking where they are from. This is probably the Amazon find I am most blown away by. All the pieces (rings, rod and curtains) are so nice and pretty budget friendly considering. I had to buy quite a few so it did add up, but I just spread them out over a few weeks instead of purchasing all at once. Now that we have two toddler boys eating, we go through eggs quick in this house. I’m talking 3 to 4 dozen a week! I got rid of my dozen egg holder and traded it in for this egg holder which holds 3 dozen. We had an EcoBee at our last house and one of the first things we did when we moved in was switch to one here. It’s so nice to be able to control the air from your phone! I’m really into the look of acrylic things these days, so I decided to go with all acrylic book shelves for the boys room and play room. They are great quality and were easy to install! Last but not least, the light fixture. Not going to lie–this reading light doesn’t look super high end and when you see it up close you can tell it’s cheapy IMO. I personally don’t care because it does the job and completes the look I’m going for! If you want one that looks fancy though, you may want to look elsewhere. The sconces I ordered for our master bathroom, and I can’t wait to see them hung!

Alright, I’m done. And I’m cutting myself off from saying the word “love” for awhile, ha! I wasn’t kidding though when I said I got good stuff. If you couldn’t tell from reading this post, I’m obsessed with everything I bought. Sorry not sorry! You can shop my Amazon Storefront HERE and you can find my LTK page HERE and search “amazon” to see everything I’ve ever linked. You can also shop everything I mentioned in this post by clicking on the bold key word. Let me know if you need any help! Stay turned for November & December, because that’s also going to be big old post filled with lots of great finds. Happy shopping!



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