Rhett’s Schedule: 16 Months

Hi friends! In honor of my baby being 16 months today, I figured today would be the perfect day to go into detail on what his schedule is. I’m talking wake up time, nap, activities, food, and other routines that we do with him daily. I find it so interesting to see other people’s schedules and routines, so I wanted to share ours. Since Enzo is turning three later this month (WHAT?!), I’ll be posting his closer to his birthday.

6:30-8 WAKE UP

As you can see, this is a wide range for wake up time. Since we moved, the boys now share a room. Pretty much every morning without fail, Enzo will wake up first and then wake up Rhett. Every now and then, he’ll wake up and not bother Rhett, but it’s hit or miss. 

When Rhett wakes up, he’ll stay in his crib until we wake up which is normally shortly after (depending on the time). Enzo will normally bring him a pouch in his crib (we eat Once Upon a Farm pouches), and then they will look at books quietly and jump around. Sometimes though, big brother will get into mischief and Rhett will join in on the fun. Which if they’re getting into trouble, it’s normally eating chocolate chips. Ha!


And then, we eat breakfast as a family! This is definitely a perk of having Tim work from home full-time. Rhett’s breakfast normally looks like one of these options lately…

•scrambled eggs with cheese, fruit & a pouch

•fried egg with toast & fruit

•sourdough dutch baby with fruit

•pancakes, eggs, fruit

He’s a big fruit guy right now, so strawberries and blueberries are a must-have!


For day to day wear with the boys, they usually get messy. I’m talking covered in dirt, food, or some other unknown substance ha. For day to day clothes, I purchase a lot of their outfits from Old Navy. They have some cheesy things that make me cringe, but they also have some good finds every now and then! They also have sales A LOT, so when I’m buying in bulk for both boys it makes the shopping trip cheaper. I got an Old Navy credit card when Enzo was a baby too, so I get access to more sales and deals with that. For their nicer outfits/clothes that we wear for birthday dinners, get together, holidays, special outings, I shop at H&M and Zara Kids. Shoes to me are worth investing in, so I buy their shoes from Nordstrom typically. 

8:45-11:30/12 PLAY TIME

You’re probably wondering why there isn’t a nap during this time. I don’t know if it’s bad luck or what, but both of my boys have dropped their morning nap really early. Enzo stopped taking 2 naps a day at 10 months and Rhett stopped taking 2 naps I’d say since he turned 13 months—at least scheduled. If we drive somewhere in the morning or run errands, he will definitely fall asleep and take a nap. But gone are the days of putting him down in his crib for a nap. Since he’s been born, he’s had major FOMO. If he knows Enzo is outside playing or in the playroom, he simply won’t go to sleep. And it’s not worth it to me to try and force it. So I just go with the flow and we dropped it.

Moving onto our morning time—everyday looking REALLY different, so I’ll try to give you the best run down I can of how it typically goes. But it either goes one of two ways: we’re getting out of the house, whether it’s for a play date, plans, running errands or doing something. Or we’re staying home and playing at home, just us, having friends over or maybe I have a midwife appointment. 

If we’re getting out of the house, Rhett will typically nap as we drive different places. Lately I’ve been trying to go somewhere and do something with them on Tuesday & Thursdays, or just making it a goal to get outside 2 days a week. Mainly because the days of just me and the boys are coming to an end, at least for a little. Postpartum knocks me on my feet for a good chunk of time, so I want to get my time in while I can before baby comes. Not only that, but man are these boys ACTIVE! With the age they both are, they both just want to get out and explore. And if we stay at home too long, I can just feel them getting stir crazy and antsy—which then rubs off on me. And it drives me crazy!

Parks, play places, the zoo, or any pretty place to walk around that’s local is normally where we go to get out. If we’re staying home, these are some of Rhett’s favorite activities that keep him occupied:

•Front yard play (shopping cart, their jeep, a walk in the neighborhood)

•Their stacking toy or anything that has things that you can put up and down, or take in and out of.

Play kitchen. He loves ours! Mainly just clanking together the pots and pans, taking things in and out. You know, the usual! 


If you couldn’t tell, the times on this schedule are all varying. It truly all depends on the time we start the day, and also what we’re doing. So for nap time, Rhett will go down anytime between 12 and 1. 

We just put him down in his crib, turn on the sound machine and walk out. Sometimes he’ll cry for a minute or two, other times he’s so ready he just starts rolling around and getting comfy. And then every now and then, he’ll need some extra assistance. Which I don’t mind doing the extra rocks and cuddles!

12-2 or 1-3 NAP TIME

Unless big brother comes and wakes him up, he typically sleeps anywhere from 1-3 hours. Again, it really depends on the day, and sometimes the day before too. Did we stay up late? Did he wake up in the middle of the night? Start the day early? All of those play a role in determining how long nap is! 


I call this the final stretch as a joke always, but it’s the truth. This is the last hour until Tim is off work for the day. I normally just let them do whatever during this time. Which if I’m being honest, it usually includes running circles through the house and being entertained with random things. I kinda let whatever happen during this time because I’m just so close, ha! During this time period you’ll find Rhett emptying drawers or playing with dirty laundry. It’s the little things in life for him. 😉


This is probably the boys favorite time of the day, and it makes my heart happy. Rhett will play with Tim and it’s normally outside playing with their outside toys, or taking the dogs for a walk. If they are inside, all three of them are usually rough housing. Rhett likes to get thrown upside down onto the couch, and him and Enzo take turns. Boy things! This is when I normally am resting, finishing up my chores for the day or starting dinner. 


Another favorite time, for all three of them! When we get to eat. Our dinner normally consists of a veggie, meat and some type of side. Or I do casseroles. Follow me on Pinterest to see what recipes I’m pinning!

Now that Rhett’s older, he eats whatever we eat pretty much. I hardly ever make him a separate meal, unless something I’m making is spicy. 


This always helps him wind down for the night. However, he isn’t necessarily a huge fan of actually getting cleaned! He cries pretty much every time we wash his hair, ha. 


Our last little half hour of the day consists of quality time. We sing songs, they pick books, we say prayers. I love it!


Since the boys share a room, they go to bed at the same time. Rhett sleeps in a crib and will go to bed in it. Every now and then, Enzo will climb in and fall asleep with him. Currently, Rhett goes to bed with a water cup. Sometimes he jumps, rolls around, plays with Enzo. Other times he cries and wants to be rocked/bounced. Some days he goes down within 15/30 minutes…other days it can take almost an hour, or longer. Since they’re both in the same room, we kind of have to wait until they both are falling asleep. Sometimes it’s Enzo falling asleep first and then we have to try hard to get Rhett to wind down, and other times it’s the other way around. Every night is a sweet surprise, ha!

And there ya have it. Those are the details and timeline Rhett’s schedule nowadays, along with links to all of our favorite things! Is there anything I missed that you are curious about? LMK! 



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