Pacifier Fairy: Bye Bye, Kiki!

The time has come. We are officially saying goodbye to pacifiers in our home with the boys before baby #3 arrives. Otherwise known as (in our house) “Kikis” pronounced [key-key]. 

When Lorenzo was a baby, I was DYING for him to take a pacifier. I wanted him to take one SO bad! I tried consistently until he was about 6 months, and then I gave up. He always spit it out, and unless we were physically holding it in his mouth, he wouldn’t take it. I blamed the nurses in the hospital who told me you shouldn’t introduce a pacifier until they’re at least a month old to prevent nipple confusion, blah blah. I really wanted to breastfeed also and I didn’t want anything ruining that! But after 6 months, I moved on from that dream and told myself maybe baby number two would take one. Sure enough, Rhett came along and he’s been a pacifier baby from the start. Given, I said to heck with the nurse advice this time around and popped that sucker in during his first few days earth side. That was definitely the move!

Now fast forward time, Enzo will be 3 in January and Rhett just turned 1 in September. And they BOTH use pacifiers. Wait, what?! Well…here’s what happened. Rhett was born, he started using pacifiers, and THAT’S when Enzo decided he wanted one too. But he didn’t actively use it—he walked around with it, chewed on it, kept it in his pocket or just wanted to give them to Rhett. So we thought, sure, no problem. Well, somewhere in the midst of that newborn chaos and tiredness, he started actively using it. And then, we realized it was coming everywhere with us. And that he needed it to go to sleep…and at that point—it was too late. And we were way too tired to deal with it, if we’re being really honest. We cut the usage in the beginning to only at home, and no where in public. Now he only gets it during nap/rest time, and at bedtime. Same goes for Rhett! If you ask me, Enzo is WAY too old to be using a pacifier. Nanny Danielle would be judging me very hard, ha! And so, it’s time to say goodbye. To both of them.

I’ve done my research on weaning from pacifiers, talked to other trusted mama friends of mine, and even asked you guys over on stories what method you used. We’ve decided to go the “pacifier fairy” route and we have our fingers crossed that it works! I bought THIS book on Amazon that talks about a pacifier fairy coming, taking the pacifier, and giving them to other babies in need. In return, this “fairy” will leave a treat of some sort. Long story short, we’re basically cutting the pacifiers cold turkey give or take. Here’s the steps we’re taking

  1. Pick a date • The date is set on the calendar for us to say goodbye to pacifiers!
  2. Talk about it • We’re telling Enzo (and Rhett, although I don’t think he understands quite yet) everyday and sharing about how the pacifier fairy is coming soon and that the Kiki’s will be going bye bye. So much so that he can tell others what’s going to happen! We’re also reading the book and counting down the days on the calendar in preparation. 
  3. Naps are the first to go • We are going to take the pacifiers away during nap time a few days prior to the big day in hopes that this will prepare them for being gone at night too. 
  4. Fairy wishes • In terms of the fairy leaving a treat, we’re talking about what we’d like the fairy to bring. Cake pops? Donuts? A new toy? Something to get him excited!
  5. The big day • The night of, we plan on letting him bury the pacifiers and wave goodbye to them. This allows him to play a part in it and feel a little bit in control, if you will. I’m hoping he’ll have so much fun burying them, and listening to us tell him that there will be a surprise in the morning that it won’t be sad. 

I’m not gonna lie, saying goodbye to the pacifiers isn’t just going to be sad for them. It’s going to be sad for me too! And no, not just because I won’t have a go-to tool to get them to soothe. Mainly because saying goodbye to pacifiers is kissing another part of babyhood goodbye. It’s one more step towards becoming (little) big boys. And that really makes my mama heart sad! Lately it has really been hitting me how fast they are growing up right in front of my own eyes. As sad as it is though, it’s still very necessary.

So, there ya have it. That’s how we plan on ditching pacifiers! Come back soon for a 2 week update and see if anything worked. ha! But for real—I will be doing a 2 week update (to share how it went, maybe things I would do differently) and then a 3 month update to share how it’s going when they get re-introduced with baby number three around. Stay tuned!



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