Goodbye Blinds, Hello Shades!

Another day, another house update. Today we’re talking window coverings! When we got the house most of the windows had blinds on them. They were mismatched and some were broken. Although not ideal, there was more important things to do and update so this was more towards the bottom of our list. However, because the blinds are so old, we ended up having an almost choking accident with Rhett…which quickly brought fixing this to the top of our list. Basically, one of the “knobs” I’ll call them on the end of the strings became unattached and Rhett was able to put it in hismouth. Thank the Lord above that we happened to have the Nanit app open and we saw it happen live, and immediately ran in and were able to retrieve it. Had we not, i don’t want to know what would have happened!!!

And now we’re here. Out with the old, in with the new! Not only did the choking incident freak us both out, but it inspired me to look into other options when it came to window coverings. I ended up going with roller shades from 3 Day Blinds for six of our windows, and for the rest I’m doing drapery on my own. If you’re interested in those, check out my LTK and Amazon Storefront. 

Anywho, you know what they say. Instagram (or just the internet in general I guess?) is always listening! I started getting a TON of ads for 3 Day Blinds and well…I got sucked in. Ha! I also got a letter in the mail from them with a coupon (they really do hunt you down) and scheduled my free consultation. After choosing the colors I liked, I ended up ordering them the next day. I do want to preface this by saying though that *normally* I would go through multiple people or companies to get quotes before just picking one. When it comes to anything really! However, I had seen so many ads, different influencers talking about them, and my sales guy was good. Not to mention the discount I got. So, I just went for it! And now, here’s the final product with some before & after photos:

We got six roller shades total, 2 in the kitchen, 1 in our office hallway, and 3 for the kiddo rooms. The ones not in the bedroom are just your standard roller shades and the bedroom ones were specifically light filtering. After having them now for a few weeks, they definitely aren’t “black out” by any means, but compared to the ones that aren’t light filtering, it’s night and day. The boys room is really dark at night and that’s all I can ask for! 

Since I got two different types of shades (light filtering and standard) the colors or patterns if you will don’t all match. The bedrooms match and the ones in the rest of the house are a different color/shade/type! When choosing a color, I already had some of my drapery up so I was able to hold the colors up to what I had. I knew I wanted them to match/be in the same color scheme as much as possible, so that definitely helped narrow down the choices and make the process go by quicker. Keep in mind that they had HUNDREDS of options to choose from, so I’d recommend having some type of idea of what you’re looking for before they bring over samples at your consultation. I can totally see it being overwhelming if you have no idea where to start! 

When choosing the colors, I thought they would really make a difference and the different patterns would be super noticeable. Now that we’ve had them for a few weeks, they literally all look identical. Ha. I mean, I did choose the most neutral color possible for both shades, I just didn’t realize how much the natural sunlight would be seen. If you end up sticking with neutrals—don’t be afraid to mix and match! If you go with bolder colors though, or just color in general, be sure to note that you’ll notice. 

Now, for the details of my order. The colors of the bedroom ones are Textured Linen Natural in room darkening and the rest of the house is Zamora White Sand (not room darkening). 3 Day Blinds has an option where you can add a Bluetooth hub and you are able to control your shades from your phone. Originally this option sounded cool, but then to save money, I nixed that, along with the 3 day shipping. That’s where they get ya—you can get your blinds in 3 days, but it’s an extra $500. We just did standard shipping and it took 2 weeks. I didn’t mind waiting (surprisingly)! When our installer came though, he ended up gifting us the hub for FREE! He told us it was a Merry Christmas present from him to us. We don’t even know the guy, he was so sweet! That being said, we didn’t pay for it but we have the Bluetooth hub option which is pretty cool, but not necessary IMO. The shades are controlled by a remote, and we got 2 remotes. Our order technically came with 1 remote, but he also gifted us a second remote for free as well. Like I said, nicest guy ever! Total, this project cost us just below $5,000 for everything mentioned above (minus what we got for free).

There ya have it. Details on are new shades with some before & afters. I’m obsessed with them and love how uniform, clean and chic they look. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!



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