DIY Accent Wall

We made this upgrade to our master bedroom shortly after we moved in, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Not only that, but also how simple it was! When I posted it on instagram, I got lots of questions on how we did it and what supplies we needed, how simple it was, etc.. So today I’m breaking it down for you step by step, as well as sharing everything we bought/used to make it happen. Let’s get started!


Bead Board



Nail Gun





Measuring Tape

Painters Calking

We purchased all the supplies that we didn’t already have from Home Depot. 


  1. Measure your space. 
  2. Purchase supplies. 
  3. Cut bead board to fit your space. We got ours cut at Home Depot.
  4. Apply adhesive to bead board.
  5. Place bead board against wall and hold firmly for a few minutes. We recommend using 1-2 people for this step, maybe more depending on the size of space. 
  6. Use nail gun to secure board to the wall.
  7. Repeat steps with trim. 
  8. Apply caulking to nail gun holes and other empty spaces. 
  9. Paint bead board. We used the color Jogging Path by Sherwin Williams. I got a sample size of the color, and it was enough to cover the space we had. 
  10. Once paint is dry (we did two coats), install hooks. The hooks I used are linked HERE.

Tim was joking with me about how these DIY blog posts are always so annoying. That they make it look so easy and it’s never actually accurate. So, I made him proof read this to make sure it was all correct. 😉 This whole thing took us a day to do, start to finish including the shopping. It really was easy, and it’s such a simple, stunning way to elevate a plain wall. I hope this helps anyone looking to step up their space! LMK if you have any questions. 



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