Our Calming Corner

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on our cute leather bean bag, and since we’ve moved it’s been put in a new spot. If you remember/followed along, I originally got it at our last house for Enzo’s big boy room. Now that the boys share a room, there wasn’t enough space for it there. It now has a new home in our play room, in our calming corner!

I had been wanting to do this at our last house, but we quite frankly just didn’t have the space for one. Now with our play room being our main living area everyday, I dedicated a corner of it to being our calming corner. So today, let’s take a look!

We have our cozy bean bag, which I will admit, isn’t a cheap purchase. We’ve had it for over a year now though and it is well loved! It’s super comfy, really good quality and is still holding up great. Not to mention, how cute it is! I ordered these 3 gold frames to hang on the wall, along with these acrylic book shelves. If you saw my most recent Amazon post, I ordered these for the boys room. I loved them so much, I also ordered them for the playroom! To truly make it a “calming corner” I ordered these digital prints about emotions from Etsy. I have one that shows emotions/feelings, and two that talk about ways to unwind/calm down. And the corner is complete with books! To use for when the calming corner is needed, or just a quiet reading nook. Which I love so much I sometimes use myself throughout the day, ha!

When it comes to discipline and punishment in our house, we don’t utilize timeouts. Tim and I took the course from Big Little Feelings and use (most) of their methods. We OK feelings, but we don’t OK the behavior. For example, it’s ok to be frustrated, but it’s not ok to hit. We’ll go to the calming corner, and figure out what we can do instead. Which is usually deep breaths, getting a hug, or looking at a book and redirecting. Enzo has also started utilizing the feelings/emotions visual and pointing to which one he’s feeling, which has also helped a lot with communication!

I’ve seen people add sensory toys, blankets, and more, but for now a cozy spot and books is working for us. If you have a calming corner, I would love to know what tools you have and use!



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