Our Kitchen Reveal

The day has finally come—it’s KITCHEN REVEAL DAY! When we moved in to our new house, the kitchen was completely unusable. The drawers didn’t close, the cabinets were broken, there was no dishwasher, no microwave, a wall—it all had to go. It was non-negotiable! Our kitchen remodel took a total of 8 business days to do, start to finish. We could not be happier with the final look of it, and today I’m sharing all the details! Here’s the before photos to get an idea of what it looked like:

And, here’s the after:

The biggest things we did were close off the water hook up’s for where the old laundry room used to be, and we utilized the space to add more cabinets. We also added a dishwasher, a microwave with proper ventilation for that and the oven, and we also knocked down the door way/wall. Knocking this down opened up the space so much, and I’m so happy we did it! We were worried that we wouldn’t have a lot of cabinet space, but believe it or not, we actually have plenty of cabinet space leftover that’s unused right now. Which is really nice! We were also able to find an oven/stovetop combo, as well as a dishwasher that fit perfectly into the space needed. Same goes for the refrigerator! 

Our contractor ordered the cabinets from Anaheim Kitchen & Bath, and they are standard soft closing white shaker cabinets. The backsplash and countertops are the same—both are white quartz which were also ordered from Anaheim Kitchen & Bath. The pulls I got from Ganahl Lumber, and they are gold from the brand Emtek. I ordered different sizes for different cabinets and drawers! I will say—the pulls were a splurge. I checked Home Depot and other places for a more cost friendly option, but I just loved the look of these. I spent just under $700 on the pulls alone. 

In terms of the cost of the entire kitchen remodel—our total ended up being right around $15,000-$20,000. This price could’ve been lowered, however, I wasn’t willing to settle. I just knew if I didn’t get what I wanted now, that we’d have to spend money on fixing it later. And you might as well do it right the first time! I splurged on the pulls like I mentioned earlier, as well as the countertop/backsplash I chose. It was more expensive to begin with, and then using it for both countertop and backsplash, added on a good chunk too. This cost included knocking down the wall, demo of the kitchen, labor, paint, install, pulls, materials, among other things.

If you are local, here is the info of the contractor we used for this project!

We had a great experience and highly recommend him. 

Rob Van Otterloo / 714.264.9817

I linked as much decor as I could below that I used to decorate the kitchen. A majority is from Target and Amazon, my two fave places! If you have any questions regarding this remodel that I didn’t answer above, don’t hesitate to let me know. Overall we are SO happy with the final outcome and could not be more in love!



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