Christmas Chronicles: 2023

I was watching someone I follows stories the other day (I can’t remember who!) and they were sharing what they got for Christmas. One of the slides was joking that it was kinda cringey, but I couldn’t disagree more! I love seeing what people got for Christmas for a few reasons. 1, I think it gives you a little insight to a person—what they value, like, enjoy, and more. Which I find super interesting. 2, I always get gift cards for Christmas, so it also gives me ideas/inspiration for what I want to spend my gift cards on. 3, I just find unboxing videos and seeing people get new things be fun. Maybe I’m alone on this, but hopefully not!

That being said, I wanted to hop on the bandwagon (before it’s too late) to share what I got for Christmas this year. I got some really good stuff that I love, so if you have gift cards to use or a birthday coming up, you can add some things to your wish list! Or just use this as an excuse to go shopping. My personal favorite excuse! 😉

Rocking Chair • I got this cute guy to go on our front porch. Now that we have an actual front yard to play in, I wanted something to sit in while I watch the boys play. Especially something once baby gets here! I got this and I’m in love. It’s so charming, looks cute and does the job!

Tommy Bahama Chairs • You know you’re an adult when you want a set of nice beach chairs, ha! I’m truly so excited for these though. Now that we’re in Orange County, I think we‘ll be doing a lot more beach trips this summer. These have straps that make them convenient to wear as backpacks, and of course cup holders. Tommy Bahama is such a reputable brand—I’ve never sat in one of their chairs I didn’t like!

L’ange Hair Styling Tool • Soft, loose, wavy curls are my favorite. I’ve seen so many good things about this tool, and i like that it’s a straightener/curling iron all in one. I’ve seen it works great for short hair too, which I’m thinking about cutting here maybe during postpartum. 

Portable Fabric Cleaner I chose a lot of light colors for our new house–including our drapery, couch and then our rocker (which we already had). Not to mention the rugs we have in almost every room! I have a few friends who have this already and they all swear by it, especially with littles. 

Light Fixture • If you saw my Instagram stories, you saw we updated the light fixture in one of our hallways. We installed it and I love the look of it! The price is hard to beat too. It was easy to install and looks stunning!

Toaster Our toaster that we got off our wedding registry unfortunately broke right before we moved. It was still half working, and then it officially died once we got to the new house. I love the style and look of this one much better than our old one! 

Those are some of the big items I got that I was really looking forward to. Now for the smaller items I got!

First off—gift cards. Some people will disagree, but I just think you can’t go wrong with gift cards. It’s so nice to be able to shop at a store you like, with money that isn’t yours, and you get to spend it. And then you get stuff you want. I mean, sounds like a dream to me. Primally Pure is where I am currently buying all of my skincare products from. I got a gift card here which was marvelous because now I can restock when needed! I also got Old Navy, which has been one of my go-to stores since becoming a mama. I spent some now, but am saving the rest for when I’m postpartum and need some fresh clothes. Other gift cards consisted of Target, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, my local Acai place…which have all almost been spent already, ha!

Now moving onto my miscellaneous items. Get ready for word vomit…

Everyone needs a hide a key! Even more so if you have little boys who know how to lock you out. These dish towels and oven mitts I got to go with the updated style of our kitchen. I use my kindle all the time, and I was in need of a new kindle case. I got this clear one so I could decorate it with stickers on the back, and this crystal pop socket. I also needed a protective case for my laptop, so I ordered this one in the color Camel and I love it! Any excuse to make avocado oil pretty, am I right? This oil dispenser works great so far and elevates the look rather than using the standard bottle it comes in. I used to have a ginormous closet at our last house, but we downgraded since moving. I don’t have as much room to store my jewelry, so I got this compact jewelry organizer to store my earrings. What we did upgrade on though was yard space! I thought it would be cute to have a bell to ring for when I want the kids to come inside. This bell will be attached to our outside and makes for cute decor too! Last but not least, it’s been getting so cold (having tile floor doesn’t help this problem) that my feet have been suffering. These slippers are so cute and would make the perfect gift!

You know when you are about to leave for vacation and you feel like you are forgetting EVERYTHING? That’s how I feel right now–I’m pretty sure I got everything, but also I have a feeling I missed something?! Hopefully not. Either way, I lucked out and am already looking forward to next year! 😉 Thanks for reading and I would love to hear what you got for Christmas!



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