Let’s Look: How We Clean Closets {Jan. 2024}

I’m super excited to be announcing this new series on my blog called Let’s Look! Introduced originally by Shay Shull and Erica Slaughter, I’m hopping on the band wagon and linking up with other lifestyle bloggers around the world to share this monthly series called Let’s Look, which features “looking” at something specific on the second Wednesday of every month. To kick off 2024, we’re looking at how we clean our closets! If you’re like me and want to know what there is to look forward to, here is the schedule for the rest of the year:

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Now, moving onto closets…

We went from having six closets in our last house to having 3 closets in our new house. We added linen cabinets to our hallway which isn’t technically considered a closet, but I’m counting it as one since it’s the only place we have to store stuff besides our bedrooms. I will say that is the perk of getting a new build home–they think of literally everything! We had 3 bedroom closets, a closet in our bathroom, hallway linen closets and a downstairs coat closets. It was so nice! I will say though, cutting down on closet space in this house has forced us to downsize which has also been nice to reduce clutter and things in general.

But ok, so how do I clean them?

I constantly declutter. Constantly! The minute I see something I don’t like, or know I’m not going to wear again, I’m tossing it. Tim also does the same which really helps! We always have a pile of clothes that is in the “donate” pile. It usually just starts in our room and then once it hits a point where it’s piling up, it makes its way to the car. I have a handful of local places that I like to donate to, and when it comes down to it, I normally just choose based off of what it is most convenient for me that day.

Every few months I wipe down. So we do have cleaning ladies, and they will go in and vacuum as do I daily. However, every few months is when I will take stuff out and actually spray and wipe and down the shelves. Dust collects so fast and I find that it starts to affect the smell of some things if it collects for too long!

Seasons come, seasons go. As the weather changes I will also often look at my wardrobe and see what I have. What am I going to wear again, what am I not going to wear again, do I need a refresh on any closet staples. These are the questions I ask myself and then I either do or don’t do my shopping based off of that. I find that this helps me not aimlessly spend money on clothes and only buy what I actually really need. Having littles also helps in this department, because they are constantly changing sizes so I’m also shuffling clothes out a lot, also!

There ya have it–how I clean my closets! Looking forward to writing this monthly series in 2024. See you in February for little things we do every single day.



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