My Amazon Order: Nov. & Dec. ’23

Continuing on with last years Amazon orders to get caught up in the New Year, I’m diving right in! Links can be found on my Amazon storefront, through keywords in this post and on my LTK. 

If you know me, you know I love a good organized space. I got these under the sink organizers to organize our sheet pans, cutting boards and cleaning essentials. I also ordered this scrub daddy holder, sponge holder, garbage disposal cleaners, bamboo kitchen sponges, silicone kitchen sink soap holder, and gold paper towel holder. You know you’re an adult when this stuff makes you excited! Next, I ordered my second one of this canvas print. I have it in our bedroom and our sitting room. The fancy look for less! Our playroom is ready to be finished, but we just haven’t gotten around to it. These sconces and these frames will *eventually* decorate the walls! If you saw my last Amazon post, then you know I got all my curtains from here. I ordered two more to complete one of our rooms. To add onto the randomness, straw cleaners, and a kids barber set so I can cut the kids hair on my own. Wish me luck! I also got another canvas print on Black Friday and this one was only $10. It’s so cute and perfect for the kitchen! I have yet to do a reveal on this—but we got a new couch. And yes, it’s from Amazon! I ordered the first part of it in December. Then, a new shower curtain, a new shower liner, gold frames for our calming corner, a set of 3 funnels and cookie dough scoops for baking, a new jewelry earring organizer, my first sticker by numbers book, a new cosmetic travel case, a second one of my tried & true handheld fan, and a dispenser bottle for my avocado oil. 

Phewf! That was a lot. I should add that this was during the month of December, so not only is this two months of orders, but I also got A LOT of Amazon gift cards as presents throughout the month so this also includes everything I spent my Christmas money on (for the most part). I’d say I did pretty dang good! What have you gotten from Amazon lately that you love?

Happy shopping!



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