Our Closet Built-Ins

One of the things on our priority list when we first moved in was getting our closets done. I knew from experience that moving in, then having to move everything out, and then back in again just wasn’t going to work. At least not with two toddlers and being pregnant! We kept all of our stuff in boxes until these got completed so we just had to unpack one. Highly recommend! Here’s all the details on our closet built-ins:

We got our built-ins done through Costco at Closet Factory. This was our second time using them. We used them at our first house since we had a ginormous closet that was 15 feet by 6 feet. We loved it so much and were happy with the outcome, we did it here too!

We upgraded three closets total (two standard, one walk in) and the total cost was $6,000 and something odd dollars. Something to note is that you can go as boujee with these or as simple as you want. With our last closet, I went boujee. With these closets, I went simple to keep the cost down. Meaning I picked the cheapest hardware and the cheapest layouts for all of them. However, they still work EXACTLY how we need them to and we still got the look we want with all of them. 

I set up my virtual consultation with a designer and it took a few rounds of going back and forth to get the look we wanted and also the price. The process was seamless though and they make it easy! One of the reasons we go with Costco is because they give you 10% back of what you spend through a Costco gift card. For our family, that is so worth it. We go to Costco multiple times a month, so it was used in a jiffy. We got $600 back from this project and even though it definitely wasn’t it felt like two free Costco trips, ha! I should add that they don’t fix anything when it comes to un-installing your old closets. So, if you look closely, you can see we need to paint and touch up where they tore out the old ones. This didn’t bother us though since it’s an overall easy fix!

If you ask me, closet built-ins are worth it. They utilize the space so much better than just a single rack, and it’s way cleaner too. If you have any questions about this project, don’t hesitate to comment below! 



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