Pacifier Fairy: 2 Week (First) Update

Welp…we failed. Yup. We didn’t do it. In fact, we didn’t even try. Well, let me start from the beginning…

So we picked a date. We were talking about it. We’ve actually been talking about it for MONTHS! Originally, I was hoping to have at least 3 months in between saying goodbye to our pacifiers and the new baby arriving. When we realized we were moving, I talked to their pediatrician about taking them away. He suggested that the move was going to be a big transition for them, so to take them away during that would just be cruel. We agreed to keep them during the transition, and that when we were settled we would re-assess. Well…getting settled took a lot longer than I thought. It wasn’t until the beginning of January that I started thinking about it again, and getting ready for baby as well.

We let Enzo pick a day at the beginning of the month off the calendar and he randomly chose January 20th. We wrote it down, I started reading the book we got to talk about it, and then…we both started ignoring it. It wasn’t until that week that I looked at Tim and said, “So are we actually going to take them away this weekend?”. It was then that we looked at each other and I knew. It wasn’t happening.

Once we discussed, it just didn’t make sense. Baby is due in less than a month. They already don’t sleep great (ever since we moved) with sharing a room. Are we going to take them away, only to bring them back out all of 2 weeks later and deal with the stress of a new baby AND trying to tell them no, they can’t have those pacifiers. So…there ya have it. The day came and went and we said forget it. We’ll try this again *hopefully* this summer, and maybe, just maybe, take away all three of their pacifiers. Or maybe not?

That’s the beauty of parenting–it’s a wild roller coaster and you just never know what’s going to happen. You’ll just have to follow along to see what ends up happening! Ha! So just in case you’ve attempted to try and then didn’t, know that you aren’t alone.



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