Paint Colors In Our Home

In this house, I went for a totally different look and overall style than our first home. I feel like when we moved into our first home—I truly had no clue what I wanted. I wanted farmhouse, but I also wanted modern and traditional, and I also wanted glam. That resulted in a bunch of different styles clashing together and things just not lasting that long because I got over it. For this home—I’ve found a cohesive style that I like and I’m having it flow throughout our entire home, and let me tell you. I am SO much happier!

The paint colors in our home were unique so I wanted to have a dedicated post to share the color combinations along with details.

WALLS: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, reduced to 75%. The finish is called “Velva Sheen”.

BASEBOARDS & CEILINGS: Sherwin Williams Pure White.

ACCENT COLOR: Sherwin Williams Jogging Path. 


I hope this helps! I’m so in love with the colors and how it turned out. I should also add that I was a little nervous to have such light colors with little ones, but with the texture we chose, they have been super easy to clean! I just use a magic eraser and it does the job. Also—Tim’s uncle was our painter and he’s connected through Vista Paint. I learned that apparently paints are just codes! So we took the code from the brands above and then just bought the paint from Vista Paint since that’s where he gets his supplies from. I was nervous it wouldn’t be the same, but it was literally the exact same thing. 

Happy painting!



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