Prep for Postpartum, Baby #3

So far I’ve learned that with each baby, the amount of stuff you need goes tremendously down. The first time you have every gadget and baby item you can think of. The second time you remember what you used and what you didn’t, and then the third, you really narrow it down to just the basics. At least I have! AKA—less is more. 

Bedside Cart:

I shared this in a reel on IG, but in case you missed it, I have this three-tiered rolling cart from Michael’s that I actually originally got to store my planner/office supplies. Since we moved, I no longer have a desk area *cries* so I decided to repurpose it for postpartum. I didn’t use this with baby one or two, but that’s because our house set up was a little different. For one, we had two stories, and for two, our bedroom space was a lot bigger. Even though it’s a different set up though, I’m still using my tried and true essentials that I need postpartum!

TIER ONE: Mama’s Goods


LMNT Packets

Gomacro Bars


Everything Balm

Milk Catchers (haakaa and elvie curve)

Milk Bags

TIER TWO: Changing Station



Bum Brush

Baby Balm


Changing Pad

Handful of sleepers (I love Burt’s Bees brand!)


Burp Cloths

Our Dresser:

This is similar to our set up last time. We keep our changing pad up here and we’ll use supplies from the cart to change diapers. We’ve had this changing pad for all 3 babies and I LOVE it!


This will be my second time using the Mika Mickey bedside bassinet and I’m pretty stoked about it. I love that it rolls, has an adjustable height, it brakes, goes right up to the bed as a co-sleeper, AND it has storage. Swaddles and such will be stored in here in the pockets on the side! I can’t find it online, but you can try searching for it if you’re interested.

My nightstand I *try* to keep as minimal as possible. The less clutter, the better. I’m hoping with the rolling cart this time around, that will help keep this area more clear! But I just keep the hatch sound machine here and this nightlight if needed. 


If you’ve been following me since I had my first, I bought ALL the things for my recovery. Every spray, pad and cream you could possibly think of. And you know what I use? Pretty much none of it. If I’m being honest though—I believe this section is pretty unique to the mama and how things went for birth. However, this is what I use and like to have on hand for postpartum!

Adult diapers

Peri Bottle

There ya have it. Everything that’s prepped in the bedroom for us postpartum! As for what else is prepped—the biggest thing is meals. I had my mom create a meal train for us to send to local friends and family, and my mother-in-law prepped about  7+ frozen meals that are stocked in our freezer to use whenever. I always say the best thing to bring a new mama is a meal or some type of food, if you can!

I hope this post was helpful. 



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