Let’s Look: Little Things I Do Every Single Day {Feb. 2024}

I’m back for month two of the “Let’s Look” series! As a refresher, I’m joining in with Shay and Erika for this monthly series that allows us to “look” at different parts of our lives. You can see the schedule below, and read January’s post HERE!

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Without further ado, here’s little things I do, every single day. Going in order of my day!

QUIET TIME • I AIM to do this everyday. I’m either able to do my entire study, or I pick and choose. I’m currently going through The Daily Grace: Year in the Bible and I’m in the book of the Psalms. I read my reading for the day, answer the questions and then listen to the 5 minute podcast. If i don’t get around to doing this, I have the Bible app on my phone that gives me a daily scripture. It always stops me in my tracks and brings me back to center, if you know what I mean!

OPEN THE BLINDS • This has easily become one of my favorite parts of the morning. Ever since getting our blinds installed (you can find the details in THIS POST), every morning I go for the remote and wake up the house. My kiddos will do it with me sometimes as well! And when we open the drapery in the front room, we say “good morning world!”. A sweet reader told me about how her and her son do that and we’ve been doing it ever since. Waking up the house (as I like to call it) is something I do everyday that I just love. 

LAUNDRY SCHEDULE • Ok, so this isn’t everyday but it is 5 out of my 7 days of the week. Laundry! I start a load first thing in the morning and it helps stay on track and for things to not pile up. 

DISHES • We run the dishwasher nightly in our household. Unloading the dishwasher is another thing I do everyday that helps the entire house run smoother!

DEDICATED PLAY TIME • I make it a priority to get on the floor with my kiddos and play with them, phone put away, every single day. Even on busy days, I will still set the timer and make sure we get a minimum of 10 minutes together uninterrupted. It’s rare that our days are that hectic, but it happens. Normally we get way longer than 10 minutes—it’s usually 45 minutes to an hour. “But aren’t you with your kids at home everyday?”. Yes, I am! If we’re going to the zoo, running errands, on a playdate, we get all that time together as well. However, I dedicate this time to purely connecting with them no distractions. If we don’t get this time together, I notice a huge difference in behavior. 

SHOWER & SHAVE • I shower daily, but I also shave daily. Psychopath? Maybe. But I can’t go to bed unless a razor has touched everything that needs to be shaved. The only time I ever skip a day is when I’m postpartum. Other than that, I’m dedicated!

READ • I’m a big kindle girly and have been for a few years. I pick up my kindle and read every single day. Lately, my minimum has been 100 pages a day. To some, that may sound like a lot. But I’d rather read than waste time scrolling my phone. Reading takes up a lot of my free time, which is wonderful!

PLANNING & TO-DO LISTS • Everyday, I look at my planner. I either just look at it, schedule things, make appointments, plans, or all of the above. I love a good schedule and I’m a pen and paper type of gal. My planner gets a ton of use! To keep on task with my to-dos, I also use my notebook daily. I have a notebook where I keep track of things that need to get done, and I write in that pretty much daily, or cross things off. These things keep me sane, and keep our life running as smoothly as possible!

EMAILS • You know those people that have thousands of emails and the red number is a gazillion? I’m not one of those people. I go through our emails every single day and clear them out, if needed. And just check them in general! Then I normally go straight to my planner/to-do list. 

NIGHTLY CLEAN UP • Tim and I every night have our shifts, and there’s two. Shift one is putting the boys to bed, and shift two is doing the dishes and cleaning up the playroom. Whoever isn’t doing one, is doing the other. 

TOGETHER TIME • Every night after our shifts, we do a check-in. This is our time to talk uninterrupted, unwind, spend quality time together, and either be productive, relax, or do our own things. I look forward to this every night!

Now, of course there’s other things I do every single day. Like keep 3 kids alive, myself, brush my teeth, you know—the required things. 😉 But I figured I would share things I do every single day that aren’t “required”, if you know what I mean! What are some things you do every single day?



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